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At Chelsea Direct we have been supplying & maintaining hanging baskets, troughs & flower

displays since 1998. Chelsea Direct can transform your home & business into an attractive

& welcoming vision in colour throughout the year, every year.

Hanging baskets direct to you.


  • Hanging baskets, troughs & flower displays
  • supply & fit, service & maintainance
  • watering systems
  • bespoke arrangements



Service 1

Kerb Side Appeal

Kerb-side appeal can increase your business turn-over by over 20%, and a beautiful display of outdoor plants & flowers creates just the right welcome.

Chelsea Direct's Dedicated Team

Chelsea Direct's dedicated & professionally trained team will deliver and maintain your displays on a fixed fee basis.

Chelsea Direct can also install automatic watering systems to keep your flowers healthy & blooming all year round.

Service 2
Service 3

Chelsea Direct's Watering Systems & Maintenance

A Chelsea Direct watering system and maintenance contract means that your hanging baskets and floral displays arrive in bloom throughout the year, your selection is fully maintained, watered, fed, dead-headed, and nurtured to keep them in peak condition, allowing you to spent more time with your own business.

Chelsea Direct's Summer Displays 2018

Summer displays are delivered after the last frosts, and the winter/spring displays & hanging baskets arrive just as the summer plants are fading. Under performing baskets are swapped without quibble to maintain the overall balanced look & quality of your flowers & hanging baskets.Summer displays are available now.

Service 4