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At Chelsea Direct, our maintenance services ensure that your
hanging baskets and floral display looks as healthy, vibrant and inviting as possible
all year round.

There's no effort on your part for an annual or
monthly fee, just let us at Chelsea Direct do all the work.

Hanging baskets direct to you.











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It's all part of Chelsea Direct's Service

As part of Chelsea Direct's service, any under performing plants or baskets are replaced as a matter of course and we also check any watering equipment included in the maintenance agreement at commencement.

Monthly Checks

Chelsea Direct's aftercare team will visit once a month to carry out a 10 point check that guarantees the health of your displays and hanging baskets throughout the year.

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Floral Display Management Solutions

A full floral display management solution can be implemented from as little as £12.50 a week from Chelsea Direct.

Basket Fitting & Monitoring

Our service also encompasses the continued monitoring and repair of any pre approved fittings such as Hanging Basket and Troughs onsite.

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